One to One

In these private sessions, we have an opportunity to fine-tune the yoga practice to your exact needs. This works well for beginners, setting a mellower pace, giving the space to grow in confidence, ask questions and play with different styles and props. The more experienced yogi can benefit from deeper adjustments and specific guidance and support. These personal sessions work incredibly well with people who are carrying injuries, as we have more time to focus on individual alignments specific to your body and healing process.

Secret Yoga Club

This is a great opportunity to tailor yoga to a group of your own, such as colleagues, friends or family and spread the cost. We will discuss your specific requirements, ability, location and timings. I have previously worked with groups of friends in their homes or holiday rentals, corporate groups in their work locations, small family units looking to deepen connections at home and groups of teenagers looking to de-stress prior to exams. This way of doing yoga encourages closer bonds between friends, colleagues and family.

Pregnancy Yoga

My prenatal yoga aim is to help and nurture expectant mums through this magical moment of ultimate creation, working closely with your development and physical limitations. Our sessions will include breath work, meditation and gentle, grounding yoga poses specific to each trimester, focusing on opening the hips and maintaining strength through the upper body and spaciousness through your ever-evolving pregnant body. Yoga can help to alleviate pregnancy symptoms such as back pain, bloating, swelling and fatigue. Staying active helps expectant mums mentally too, increasing energy, mood and sleep.


£50 for an individual session, in the comfort of your own home or even outdoors!

Multiple sessions booked in advance will receive a discounted rate. Please contact me for more details.