An all levels class

One hour led class running through the basic alignment and foundations of sun salutations and standing postures from a traditional ashtanga practice

Payment @ £10 class (when x4 or more dates from the full term dates below)

sep - oct 2019


ending 15th oct

nov - dec


5th, 12th 19th 26th - 3rd & ending 10th Dec
DROP IN @£13

To book and for payment details contact


Ashtanga basis

Tuesdays 9am - 10 am

Wick Farm - Bath

lunchtime flow

tuesday- 12.30pm - 1.15pm

Yoga bodhi- bath

An all levels class

This lunch time class focus is on spinal health , neck and shoulders issues to stiffness, alignment, creating space to generate more flexibility and strengthening. Working though various flowing and longer held poses to feel re-energised for the day ahead. 

Payment details at www.yogabodhi.co.uk 


Tuesday 12.30- 1.30 pm

Yoga bodhi bath

An all levels class longer holds, mindful yoga with props and support throughout, finishing in a yoga Nidra sleep



Moon Flow yoga

Wick Farm - Bath



@ Wick Farm, Farleigh Hungerford, Bath, BA2 7NQ


Sep 16th- Corn Moon

Oct 14th - Hunter Moon

Nov 11th - Frost Moon


price & booking

£15 per - 1.5 hrs session (pre- online payment)

£20 drop in cash on evening

Email - anniesoulflowyoga@gmail.com

Ashtanga Yoga

Wednesday - 10.30 -12.00pm

Yoga Bodhi, Bath

Not suitable for beginners

This is a traditional yoga sequence for those who are looking for an established and strenuous yoga practice. In a led class the teacher will verbally and visually guide the student through a version of the primary series. This practice is demanding and heat building, moving rapidly, flowing from one pose to the next with each inhale and exhale. Each series of poses linked by the breath this way is called a Vinyasa

Payment details at www.yogabodhi.co.uk 

Mysore Style Ashtanga

monday- 11.15 - 12.30

Yoga Bodh, Bath

In Mysore-style classes, students practise the postures they've learnt at their own speed in a group setting. If you are new to ashtanga, this is a very thorough way to learn a sequence you can practice at home, leading to confidence and greater understanding of yoga. More experienced, established practioneriors have space to recicve deeper adjustments expert supervision and guidance. This is the way ashtanga is taught in Mysore India, the home of ashtanga, hence the name "Mysore-style". Unlike "led" ashtanaga classes, you'll work at your own pace and rhythm, practising the set sequence of postures and linking breathe with movement. Expect to TRANSFORM with expert guidance, alignment corrections and adjustments where appropriate to level and experience.

Payment details at www.yogabodhi.co.uk

Yin/Yang Yoga

Friday- 11.30 - 12.45pm
Yoga Bodh, Bath

An all levels class

A balanced, dynamic YANG practice that progresses in intensity. Each week has a short focus on back bending, inversions, hips or arm balance. Closing In longer holds and deeper YIN , finishing with light guided breathing/meditation. Leaving you ready for the weekend with a feeling of lightness, inner strength and spaciousness.

Payment details at www.yogabodhi.co.uk

Yoga @ private Members clubs

Combe Grove Mannor Hotel, Bath

dynamic yoga

Fridays 9.45-8.45am

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Sundays 5pm - 6.30pm

Open to members and guests of Combe Grove, Bath. For more information see combegrove.com

1-2-1 YOGA

Private 1:1 yoga sessions @Combe Grove

Monday 1.30 - 5.45
Thursday 1.30 -5.45 

By appointment only anniesoulflowyoga@gmail.com

Bath University CLASSES

(Only open to students of the university)

Vinyasa Flow

Wednesday 1.15pm - 2.15pm

yin yoga & relaxation

Wednesday pm 3.15 - 4.15 pm

Contact Annie for more information.


Can't get to my classes? Have a particular focus you want to work with? Pregnant?  Or maybe there is a small group of you who want to do yoga together? I offer one to one, individual pregnancy and small group sessions. Contact me for more information.

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