THai YOga Massage

Thai Yoga massage- deep healing and connection

Thai Yoga massage- deep healing and connection


Traditional Thai Massage, often now referred to as Thai Yoga Massage, is a deeply healing form of bodywork derived from the teachings of Ayurveda and Buddhism. Thai Massage works physically on the whole body and equally importantly, seeks to re-balance the flow of prana that flows through us, supporting our body's natural healing ability. The sensitive and nurturing touch of a good Thai Massage can help us to listen to ourselves more fully. And when we know what our body is telling us, it helps us to take better care of ourselves in daily life.

Given fully-clothed on a futon, I offer northern style Thai massage which involves a unique combination of rhythmic rocking pressure and dynamic or gentle Hatha Yoga stretches, which releases blocked energy, relaxes the physical body and restores balance and harmony. A session lasts from 1-2 hours and is always tailored to your individual needs in the comfort of you home.

60 mins = £75

90 mins = £90

120 mins = £115

Appointment only via email

Payment via Shop or transfer in advance