Pop up journeys of growth and happiness

I started teaching on ‘private retreats’ in and around the Côte d’Azur (South of France) in 2013. This style of intensive teaching and immersion gives a highly transformational experience for all involved. I am so inspired to make more of these special offerings. Giving ourselves permission to be ‘off-grid’, experiencing nature, giving ourselves time to practice yoga, to reflect and relax. Combined with deeply nourishing food and beautiful secluded surroundings a special kind of magic begins to unfold. We have time to hear the heart, the soul and experience self-repair and self-nurture.

Taking time away from the demands of our ‘real lives’, work, family and routine, I personally feel so recharged, cleansed and de-stressed. And the wonderful thing is, this then reflects and shines out into the rest of our world, building internal peace and harmony.

"Yoga is an essential practice for your soul working through the medium of your body."

Having worked as a designer, events stylist and hostess in the luxury hospitality industry over the years; creativity, hosting, wellness, high service and personal transformation are areas I feel deeply passionate about. The creation of a private pop-up retreat is a natural expression of all the gifts we can share.


"I had the good fortune to land at a yoga detox retreat in Cap D’Antibes about a month ago. The experience was one of pure delight. The villa, spotless, with a beautiful pool, and well appointed rooms, indoor and outdoor space for meals and relaxing, and a view of the Med...

...Yoga teacher, Annie Hernon offers a seasoned intuitive class with enough physical challenge to feel good, and enough energetic and esoteric (think chakras) focus to be inspiring and multidimensional. 

She not only taught two daily yoga classes, but orchestrated a seamless retreat. Since I
have led hundreds of yoga retreats, I am quite picky, and was very impressed. To the extent
I am hoping to return again this year. Cap D’Antibes has that certain something that pulls
the soul into a soaring contentment. Especially under these brilliant circumstances."

 - Jane Fryer

"Beautiful location, wonderful company, great yoga and yummy healthy food, thank you so much to Annie...for being such an amazing host...count me in for next time!" 

- Cheryl Godfrey

"Annie is an inspiring and intuitive yoga teacher with great experience and a really lovely manner. We all adored her and her classes and I would highly recommend her."

- Laura Bartman

People interested in collaborating on a retreat, either with a teaching skill, healing gifts, cooking, hosting or even as a venue, please contact me directly.